By far the hardest job of managing a social media presence is deciding what to post and when. Post Intelligence is the most elegant solution to both problems by allowing publishers to select content ahead of time that suits their voice the best, and optimize their posting to achieve maximum results. Post Intelligence is the most advanced and user-friendly tool for individual users, large companies, and agents, whether they're juggling multiple profiles, or working on growing just one.

After logging in, simply use the post box to prepare an image, link, or even just plain text. Then, press the "schedule" button to select a date and time, and you're done!

Post Intelligence supports connecting Facebook pages with more than 1000 fans, and Twitter accounts.

Post Intelligence returns rich data about your account over time, including your fan growth, a wordcloud showing which words get the best engagement for you, graphs of your relationships and posting patterns, and even a scatter-plot showing the sentiment and engagement of your posts. We're adding new data sources and breakdowns all the time, so be sure to check back frequently for new features.

Some features of Post Intelligence are unavailable for certain accounts that have too-few subscribers, followers or fans. To get more followers, we recommend identifying the audience you hope to appeal to, posting content that engages that audience, and engaging with likers and commenters. Give the people what they want.

After logging in, select "settings" in the upper-left, and adjust the time-zone to your liking.

After logging in, select "settings" in the upper-left, then select the "X" under "Revoke?"

It depends on the error but many of them can be resolved by logging into Facebook with the account that you had used to sign up on Post Intelligence.

Content Suggestions is a feed based on your recent posts. Our little robots are out there looking to help suggest meaningful content that is related to what your audience may be interested in.