Understand Your Social Influence
Pi helps find the topics and even micro-topics that your audience engages with the most, and can tell you where you're focusing too much or too little.
Rich Data, Only from Post Intelligence
Post Intelligence can give you useful data at a post- or account-level that will tell you how to increase reach and engagement in the future, not just telling you what went wrong. You can also get insights about your network that will help you understand the bigger picture in the social media scene.
  • 1. Find Topics
  • 2. Understand Performance
  • 3. Discover Influencers
Find Topics
The artificial intelligence behind Pi will help you narrow down what topics have worked well for you in the past, and which new ones you can try. Topics can be as diverse as what’s trending right now, or evergreen areas like technology news or celebrity gossip.
Understand Performance
Pi has powerful technology to predict how well your posts will perform, and tell you which of your posts are the best. Getting a holistic view of how your social feed is behaving empowers publishers to improve each post.
Discover Influencers
You can use the rich data in Pi to discover which users in your network are closest to you, and which are important but far away. Understanding the relationships you have with the key users in your network is the key to increasing engagement and adding new followers.
New Associations
Your followers connections with each other, and with the people you're following are complicated, but Post Intelligence can show you relationships you never knew existed.
Powerful Reports
If you have stakeholders who need data about how well you're managing social media, Post Intelligence can generate powerful reports about engagement over time and other key metrics to prove you're doing a great job.
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