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Our cutting-edge AI knows what kind of content your followers like most, and will show you the latest and greatest from around the web. You can share directly or create your own spin and watch engagement explode.
Amazing Content from Around the Web
When you connect your account, we look at which posts your followers engaged with the most, and which sources are popular with them to create a highly-accurate content profile for you. We are constantly updating our database in real-time so when new content appears that we think will be a hit with your audience, we surface it at the top of your list, so you'll always have the freshest, most engaging posts.
  • 1. Connect
  • 2. Get Suggestions
  • 3. Optimize
When you connect your social account, Post Intelligence gathers hundreds of data points to create a complex picture of what kinds of content your audience engages with the most at the post-level and at the account level. Every post you make helps Pi learn and improve.
Get Suggestions
Pi has an always-improving feed of content that gains new sources all the time. Because we source content from across the web, we know what your followers will engage with before it goes viral so you can be the first in your circle to post.
We provide an easy-to-use interface so you can see which posts do well and which don’t. You can easily see which topics you should use more, and which don’t do so hot, so you can confirm which strategies work.
Time Suggestions
Some followers love reading your posts on their lunchbreak, others prefer to read when they get home. No matter when they love to read your posts, Pi can figure out the best times for you to make them to maximize your reach.
Always Learning
Post Intelligence adds new data points from social sources almost every day, and new social sources all the time. The always-learning nature of the Pi model means that the longer you use it, the more useful it becomes. Come with us on our journey to improve social media.
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